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Kevin Shares His Experience at Kent Hospital

Written By: Care New England on May 21, 2021

Kevin grew up in Rhode Island, where he started his business and raised his family.

Kevin has a history of cardiac health issues, so when he and his wife were out driving one weekend afternoon, and Kevin began experiencing worsening chest pains, they knew they needed help fast.

Kevin was having a heart attack. They rushed to the emergency room at Kent Hospital and our team of world-class caregivers sprang into action.

Because of the community support we receive, our team is always ready to provide life-saving emergency medicine - but it doesn’t stop there. Our doctors, nurses, and staff strive to care for the emotional well-being of our patients and their families as well. These healthcare heroes have weathered over a year of providing hands-on, personalized care while juggling the impacts of the COVID 19 pandemic.

Kevin tells us,

The doctor put his hand on me and said, ‘Kevin, I’m not going to let anything happen to you; you’re going home with your family.

A reassurance that he needed in those moments, as providers in Kent’s Cardiac Catheterization Lab performed an angioplasty, a procedure that opens up arteries in the heart to allow blood flow.

Caregivers at Kent understand that personal touch means a lot. Kevin is just one example of a patient who has reached out to let us know just how much.

From the doctor who let him know that everything was going to be OK, to a nurse who brought him an extra pillow, to the team of specialists who gave him the medical care he needed to save his life, Kevin says,

My whole experience was positive and kind. They cared for my whole family. It was a human experience. The kind you find in a high-quality, local acute care hospital.

This is the kind of healthcare experience made possible by the support of our community.

Kevin did make it home to his family, just like so many people who come through our doors for care each year. We cannot do that without people like you!

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