Kent Hospital at Home

Kent Hospital is bringing back the house call.

Kent Hospital at Home (HaH) is the first of its kind and only licensed hospital-at-home program in Rhode Island.  
Here’s how Hospital at Home works:
Doctors and nurses visit the homes of qualifying patients and provide the same quality and intensity of care they would get in the hospital.  HaH participants can receive treatments like IV medications, oxygen, diagnostic imaging, physical therapy, and specialist consults all from the comfort of their own homes.
Studies have shown HaH programs are safe and effective and offer patients more satisfaction and improved medical outcomes.

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Our Doctors Make Home Visits


Hospital at Home Services

In-Home Visits

Patients receive a minimum of two nursing visits and one physician visit per day, almost always in person, with tele-health options available when necessary.

Patient Monitoring

Patients are monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via a non-invasive and lightweight bio-patch

24/7 Clinical Support

In addition to remote monitoring, patients have access to their clinical team 24/7.  At the press of a button the patient can get in touch with their nurse or physician.

Medications & Diagnostic Imaging

All of the medications, including IV therapy, will be provided to the patient by the Kent Hospital at Home team.  Patients can also receive diagnostic imaging in the home, such as x-ray and ultrasound.

Physical Therapy & Specialist Consults

If needed, patients will receive in-home physical therapy as ordered by their medical provider.  If the patient needs a to see a specialist, the Hospital at Home team can arrange a virtual consultation in the home.

Discharge Planning

Our social worker will help to coordinate post-discharge follow-up care including doctor’s appointments and visiting nurses if needed.

The Care Team

The Kent Hospital at Home care team is focused on your needs and will be closely engaged with you at every step. The team will also be in communication with your primary care provider, and any Kent Hospital or Care New England specialist you may have. The care team is made up of several medical professionals that include:

  • Nurses – A registered nurse will visit you in the home daily and remain available via phone or telehealth visit each day.
  • Physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners – This provider will oversee your care and check in with you daily, either in-person or virtually.
  • Community paramedics - an advanced paramedic skilled in both emergency response as well as providing primary care as a member of an interdisciplinary team.



We're bringing the hospital to you.

Hospital at Russell's home
Hospital at Paul's home

Home Visits Schedule

Approximate Time Frame: 7:30 a.m. - 7:30 p.m. 

Day of Admission

  • Set up equipment, orientation to program, meet team, etc.
  • 1 physician visit
  • 1-2 RN visits

 Day 2

  • 1 physician visit
  • 2 RN visits

Day 3

  • 1 physician visit
  • 2 RN visits
  • 1 Social Work visit or phone call for discharge planning

Day 4

  • 1 physician visit
  • 1 RN visit
  • Discharge

*This schedule is only a sample. The actual number of visits per day and services involved will vary based on your individual needs.

How was your experience with Hospital at Home?

Hear what some of our patients are saying about us: 

“It was great to see doctors in the home like when we were kids. When you don’t feel good who wants to be in the hospital? To be at home with 1:1 care like you’d get from you mom is amazing. My husband is a sick guy, who hates the hospital. He would’ve never recovered if it wasn’t for this. Don’t get too big too quick, people need this attention.”

“The feeling of walking through your front door from the hospital alone cures 70% of your illness. I was in a familiar setting, with homemade meals, and of course, peace and quiet.”

“It was great that my mother at 90 years old did not to have stay in the hospital. She was COVID+ and has Alzheimer’s, that would not have worked for my family and I. This was a complete blessing for us.”

“10/10. Fantastic. I honestly don’t think that I would have felt as good as I did as fast if I were to stay in the hospital”

 “Great! The biggest difference that we saw is that everyone that came into our home was “present.” In the hospital everyone is so busy that you don’t get that undivided attention. It makes a huge difference.”

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a Hospital at Home patient?

If you require hospitalization, ask your PCP or admitting physician if Hospital at Home is right for you. Call (844) Kent-HAH to speak to a team member today.

Do I have to participate if it is recommended to me?

No, you do not have to participate in the Hospital at Home program if your provider recommends it. You are the decider of your healthcare treatment, and you are entitled to receive care physically at the hospital.

Are there any limitations to who is eligible?

Yes. Hospital at Home is not appropriate for some medical conditions. The Hospital at Home team will review your case along with your treating physician in the ER or the hospital ward to see if you are medically stable enough to have your hospitalization done at home.

What type of conditions are typically treated through the Kent Hospital at Home program?

The program is generally appropriate for conditions with low rates of complications. This includes flare-ups of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, congestive heart failure, certain types of infections, and other conditions. Your doctors and nurses will review your medical information and speak with you and your family to determine whether the hospital at home program is appropriate for you.

Will the care I receive at home be as good as it is as an inpatient at Kent Hospital?

Yes, you will receive the same level of care that you would as an inpatient in the hospital, including receiving care from the same doctors that you would see in the hospital. There are also telehealth options as well to provide even more access to your doctors and our specialists.

What are the differences between care at home and services provided at the hospital?

There are times when being in the hospital is the most appropriate for receiving care, but being in a home setting can help many patients recover or improve from their health concerns more effectively. Some of the benefits of receiving health care at home include:

  • Better sleep
  • Fewer disruptions
  • Inherently more comfortable setting

Studies show that hospital at home programs are safe and effective and offer patients more satisfaction and improved medical outcomes.

Kent Hospital will work with you to ensure the home is a safe care setting.

What equipment will be set up in my home?

All patients will receive monitoring equipment and a user-friendly tablet for communicating with clinical staff. They may also receive oxygen/respiratory equipment and other equipment specific to their diagnosis and needs. If you need any additional equipment to help treat your condition, such as a bedside commode, recliner, or hospital bed, this can also be provided.

How long can I expect to be treated at home?

Your length of stay would be generally the same as would be expected if you had a traditional hospital stay. Since you are still considered an admitted patient of Kent Hospital, we follow the same guidelines and criteria regarding discharge and length of stay.

How will the hospital care team monitor my condition while I am at home?

Each patient receives a device that will measure and transmit vital sign information to your provider team, who will monitor patient data closely. This device kit tracks temperature, heart rate, respiratory rate, and pulse. The monitoring occurs constantly, and your care team will respond in real-time to assess your needs, conduct a telehealth visit, and send assistance to your home if needed.

What if I need to go back to the hospital?

If you need to return to the hospital for any reason, the Hospital at Home team will coordinate transportation back to Kent Hospital. This could be to have a test or procedure completed or if your condition changes and you can no longer be treated at home.  In this event, since you are already considered an admitted patient of Kent Hospital, you do not need to re-register as an Emergency Department patient and we will get you directly to an inpatient bed.

What if I have an issue overnight or between visits?
Patients are remotely monitored 24/7 by the clinical team who will respond to any issues in real time. If needed, a clinical team member can respond to the home if issues arise. Patients can also contact the clinical team 24/7 by pressing a button or calling the phone number provided.
Can I go out (leave my home) during my time in the program?

Patients should plan on remaining and home and resting during their Hospital at Home stay.

How is Hospital at Home paid for? Can I afford it?
Kent Hospital will bill your health insurance provider for your Hospital at Home stay. You may be responsible for co-pays and other costs determined by your health insurance plan, as with any hospital stay.