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Healthcare Heroes: Making a Difference in Patients Lives

Written By: Care New England on December 16, 2021

Around the holidays this year, I’m taking time to remember the healthcare heroes who have made such a difference in keeping patients safe and healthy throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s easy to forget that they’re human too, facing the same challenges of social isolation and fear and confusion we all face.

Recently, I had a chance to chat with two Kent Hospital doctors who’ve been on the frontlines throughout the past two years, while also balancing home lives and two school-age children. Geetika Tewary and Jinen Thakkar are both hospitalists at Kent Hospital. That means that quite often, both of them need to be at the hospital.

Dr. Tewary told me, “Nothing in med school ever prepares you for something like this. It is a once in a lifetime occurrence.”

Can you imagine how it might be to work with sick patients day in and day out, to see them struggle, to see some die? All the while, juggling the uncertainty of COVID-19, personal demands, and parenting? I know I can’t.

“We’ve always been busy here at Kent Hospital, but he is a different kind of busy. Reworking procedures, ensuring patient safety, keeping people healthy in the face of a virus we are still learning about. There has been added stress,” said Dr. Thakkar.

Caregivers at Kent Hospital, though, have faced this added stress with courage and optimism.

With the support of our community, they have adjusted to new ways of doing their jobs and worked relentlessly to provide the high-quality care our community deserves and has come to expect from Kent.

And both Dr. Tewary and Dr. Thakkar shared, “We wouldn’t want to be doing anything else. We consider it an honor to be trusted with the health and safety of our neighbors.”

And this is why I’m most proud to be part of the Kent Hospital team. Everyone who works here will tell you there is nothing they would rather do.

Will you join me today in supporting Kent Hospital, our patients, and caregivers like Dr. Tewary and Dr. Thakkar, by making a gift today?

All of us at Kent Hospital wish you happy holidays and a healthy and safe 2022. We are so grateful for your support of the work we do.

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