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Spaulding Rehabilitation Services

Amputee Specialty Unit

Amputee Specialty Unit

The Rehabilitation Center at Kent provides a customized approach to each patient, providing interdisciplinary care on the road to stroke recovery. Many of Kent's rehab patients are patients after an amputation; therefore, the therapists have the experience and knowledge to work with amputee patients, utilizing various innovative techniques and skills.

 promotion and screenings, as well as preventative care and health care delivery, are also integral elements of the rehabilitation department.

Contact Information

Spaulding Rehabilitation Services at Kent Hospital | Providence
100 Butler Drive
Providence, RI 02906
P: (401) 680-4480
F: (401) 889-5010

We focus treatment on:

Health promotion and screenings, as well as preventative care and health care delivery, are also integral elements of the rehabilitation department. The efforts of our team, which includes our Medical Director, Clinical Coordinator, Nursing Staff, and Physical and Occupational Therapists, focus treatment on:

  • Preventing, recognizing, assessing, and treating conditions related to limb loss and it’s complications
  • Transfer skills, wheelchair mobility, bed mobility, and ambulation
  • Identifying and reducing the risk factors for further amputation
  • Improving functional independence and daily self-care performance
  • Prosthesis use prosthetic care
  • Addressing psychological and social coping, as well as adaptation skills
  • Facilitating community integration and return to participation in life roles
  • Fall Prevention and Management
The Amputation Specialty Program also includes strategies that address:
  • Cardiovascular health
  • Depression
  • Diabetes management
  • Identification and utilization of specialized:
    • Equipment
    • Technology
    • Assistive Devices
  • Infection prevention
  • Life role functioning
  • Fitness and Exercise
  • Peer Support
  • Nutrition counseling
  • Pain management including phantom limb pain
  • Preventative:
    • Foot care
    • Limb care
  • Pulmonary capacity
  • Recreation/leisure and other activities
  • Residual limb management
  • Skin integrity
  • Smoking cessation
  • Vocational choice
  • Weight control
  • Wellness control

A Customized Approach

Kent Acute Rehabilitation Unit is an integral part of the continuum of care for patients after an amputation and again for prosthesis training. The intensive therapy during this time maximizes function and successful outcomes. Following inpatient rehabilitation, many of our amputee patients receive Outpatient Physical Rehabilitation at one of our Outpatient Clinics in East Greenwich or Pawtucket. Following therapy, many patients return for a monthly Amputee Information group at our Outpatient Clinic in East Greenwich, which becomes integral to ongoing recovery. We seek to establish an ongoing relationship for continued healing and rehabilitation.