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Breast Surgery & Reconstruction

Oncoplastic Breast Surgery

Oncoplastic breast surgery combines the traditional techniques of breast cancer (oncologic) surgery with the cosmetic advantages of reconstructive plastic surgery. The goal is to remove cancer while preserving or even improving the physical appearance of their natural breasts during one surgery, thus helping patients avoid a distorted or asymmetric breast, and heal both physically and emotionally. This technique often allows your surgeon to save the breast despite large tumors or smaller breast sizes. Additionally, it also allows for larger margins around the tumor, which is can be a concern with standard breast conservation surgery. Kent’s re-excision rate for clear surgical margins with oncoplastic surgery is significantly lower than the national average.

Oncoplastic surgery gives patients confidence knowing they can have their cancer removed safely without disfigurement in a way that provides a better quality of life and increased long-term satisfaction for breast cancer patients.

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Is Oncoplastic Surgery Right For You?

Excited woman training outdoors with arms up looking very happyOncoplastic surgery options are diverse and depend on the breast cancer characteristics, each individual patient’s body, and the patient’s desired outcomes. It is important to discuss whether you are a candidate for oncoplastic surgery options with your breast surgeon and/or plastic surgeon.

Oncoplastic surgery can be performed in tandem with a lumpectomy in most healthy women with breast cancer smaller than 5cm. Sometimes it can also be performed in lieu of a mastectomy when a tumor is exceptionally large. This is called “extreme oncoplasty.” It’s important to note these surgeries can be limited to people who regularly use tobacco or nicotine products or have other medical conditions which increase their surgical risks.

Many patients assume that their insurance will not cover reconstructive surgery on the unaffected breast or necessary follow-up procedures. However, federal law requires insurance to cover all stages of breast reconstruction, including balancing procedures of the other breast, after a mastectomy.

What are the benefits?

  • A single, often outpatient, surgery with a shorter recovery time
  • The patient’s own breast can sometimes be lifted and rearranged to recreate a new, more youthful breast shape
  • The procedure is similar to a breast reduction, but the part of the breast removed is tailored to best treat the area of the cancer
  • You feel “whole” immediately after surgery, with a breast that looks and feels natural
  • Breast sensation is typically well persevered compared to mastectomy
  • The other breast can be reshaped at the same time so your breasts are similar
  • You can avoid a breast implant (as would often be required for reconstruction after mastectomy) which reduces the potential for infection
  • Radiation therapy, if needed, is easier and far kinder to natural breast tissue than to breast implants around which additional scar tissue can form

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