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The educational framework for Memorial Hospital of Rhode Island School of Nurse Anesthesia is divided into two phases incorporating an academic component at Central Connecticut State University.

Phase I

During Phase I all course work is provided at the university campus in New Britain, CT. During this 12-month phase, students commence classes in May and attend one summer semester, one fall semester, and one spring semester. Students will complete a minimum total of 450 academic class hours (30 semester credits) during this phase.

Phase II

Phase II originates at Memorial Hospital of Rhode Island and continues for the duration of the Program in conjunction with student participation at clinical affiliation sites. Phase II begins in June, following completion of the academic spring semester. A period of one month is devoted to orientation, to acquaint the new students with the general program, physical plant, didactic requirements, approach to case conduction and management, and general philosophy of anesthesia.

Included in this month are courses in Professional Aspects of Nurse Anesthesia Practice and Basic Principles of Nurse Anesthesia. During this phase, students will receive 17 months of clinical experience, and didactic instruction from Faculty CRNA's totaling a minimum of 256 class hours. Criminal background checks and mandatory drug testing may be conducted prior to rotations at certain affiliated institutions.

The total number of months of the program will be 29. Students will graduate in October. The minimum number of anesthetics performed shall be in accordance with the Council on Accreditation of Nurse Anesthesia Programs Standards and Guidelines.

Academic Requirements

Phase I course descriptions may be found in the current CCSU Catalogue. A total often (10) university semester courses will be completed by each enrolled nurse anesthesia student. Student may select either BIO 599 for the Plan A Thesis option, or BIO 590 for the Plan B Individual Studies option with comprehensive examination. University academic courses for the master's degree in biology with specialization in nurse anesthesia include the following:

Chem 550 Basic Organic & Biologic Chemistry 3 Credits 45 Hours
Bio 517 Advanced Anatomy, Physiology, & Pathophysiology 6 Credits 90 Hours
Bio 528 Advanced Phannacology 4 Credits 60 Hours
Bio 518 Advanced Pathophysiology/Applied Physiology 3 Credits 45 Hours
Bio 540 Advanced Neuroscience 3 Credits 45 Hours
Bio 525 Advanced Physical Health Assessment For Nurse Anesthesia 3 Credits 45 Hours
Bio 500 Seminar in Biology 2 Credits 30 Hours
Bio 598 Research in Biology 3 Credits 45 Hours
Bio 590 Studies in Biology 1 Credit 15 Hours
Bio 416 Immunology 3 Credits 45 Hours
Total 31 Credits 465 Hours
Courses to be implemented at Memorial Hospital of Rhode Island School of Nurse Anesthesia at Kent Hospital by the CRNA Faculty will, in combination with the University courses, meet Council on Accreditation requirements. These courses will include:

Professional Aspects of Nurse Anesthesia 46 Hours
Chemistry & Physics in Anesthesia 15 Hours
Anesthesia Pharmacology 45 Hours
Basic Principles of Anesthesia 45 Hours
Advanced Principles of Anesthesia 54 Hours
Journal Club, Seminars & Mortality Conferences 51 Hours
Total 256 Hours

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