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Women's Care Center Visitation Guidelines

The visitation guidelines are based upon the specific procedure and location within the unit.

LDR/Antenatal Testing

Patients may have one support person during routine testing. Children are discouraged during this time unless properly supervised by an additional responsible adult.


Support person(s) are limited to two persons while the patient is in labor. A significant other person of the mother's choosing is provided with a patient identification band that is part of the four band set. The additional support person(s) are required to wear a "SUPPORT ID" band that is removed when the support person(s) leave the premises after the delivery.


Visitors are welcomed for a short visit following delivery, at the discretion of the patient and the patient care providers.

Women’s Care Unit-3 West Postpartum and Gyn Services

A significant other, siblings of the newborn, and grandparents are allowed unrestricted visits at the discretion of the patient and the patient care providers. General visiting hours for the Women’s Care Center are 1:00 p.m. –8:00 p.m. All visitors are encouraged to wash their hands upon arrival to the Women’s Care Center. Any visitors with upper respiratory symptoms, gastrointestinal symptoms or a contagious disease are prohibited from visiting the Women’s Care Center.

Level II Newborn

Visitors are permitted once they are approved by Level II staff and accompanied by the infant’s parent. Family visiting guidelines may be seasonally restricted at the discretion of the neonatologist.

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