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Getting Your Medications Refilled

Taking medications is an important part of staying healthy, and our goal is to make it as easy as possible for you to refill medications. The fastest and safest way to refill your medications is to call your pharmacy and ask them to electronically request a refill from your doctor. This will speed up the process and minimize the possibility of medication errors.

We process all refill requests as soon as possible, however, there are occasionally delays. Please allow up to 48 hours for a refill request and make sure to call your pharmacy before you are out of your medicines to avoid missed doses.

Unless it is an emergency, we are unable to refill medications over the weekend, so please request refills by Wednesday evening if you are going to run out over a weekend.

There are certain medications with a high risk of side effects that must be authorized by your primary doctor. To ensure patient safety, our on-call physicians cannot provide refills for such medications after hours, over the weekend or on holidays.

Getting Your Test Results

As part of routine health care, it is very common for physicians to order lab tests such as blood work, or imaging studies such as x-rays. We certainly understand that waiting for these test results can be stressful, and it is natural to want to know the results as soon as possible.

We have a patient portal called Mychart, that allows you to see laboratory results on a secure and private website. Visit to learn more.

The best way to avoid unnecessary waiting and stress is to communicate with your doctor. Be sure to ask why the test is being ordered, when the results are expected and how we will contact you. Our providers are always happy to answer these questions for you.

Depending on the test ordered and the provider reviewing the results, there are several ways to discuss the results. Some of these include:

  • Letting you know that we will only contact you if the result is abnormal.
  • Scheduling a follow-up appointment to review the results.
  • Sending you a letter with test results.
  • Calling you with the test results.

If you are expecting test results and have not gotten them within a week of when you were told to expect them, please feel free to call our office and ask to discuss the results.