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Geriatrics Consultation Service

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What can I expect while I am here?

You can expect to be treated with dignity and respect. You and/or your caregiver will have a voice in your care plan, course of treatment, and any follow-up care needed after discharge. You can expect to be well informed by all members of your team throughout the duration of your stay here. You can expect that your team will be focused on your health, well-being, and the best course of treatment to help restore you to good health and quality of life.

How long can I expect to be here?

While it is our goal to help you get healthy and discharged within days, it is difficult to say for certain just how long you will stay with us here on the ACE unit. Every patient is different and dealing with their own unique health issues and treatment plan. With that in mind, everyone’s length of stay will be different and specific to their own recovery. You can be assured we will keep you updated on your latest developments, progress, and ultimate plan for your stay and discharge.

Will you coordinate with my current doctors?

Yes! Not only will we work to keep your entire care team here updated, along with you and your caregiver, we will keep your own personal doctors apprised of your admission and treatment plan. We firmly believe that the more information we have access to about your medical history and current condition(s), the more comprehensive our care can be with the ultimate goal being returning you to good health and high quality of life.

How can I ensure my family/caregiver is involved in my care?

Involving you, your family and/or your caregiver is a highly important aspect of the care provided here on this unit. We know how important it is to keep everyone involved in providing updates on your care, treatment, and long-term plans - as best we know - at each step of the way during your stay here. We want to make sure that questions are being answered, complicated issues are being thoroughly explained, and important decisions involve all the right people and that begins with you and your caregiver.

What can I expect after I am discharged?

Once your care team believes you are ready to be discharged you will be involved in determining the next steps in the process. For some, this might mean being discharged to a skilled nursing facility, for others, this might mean being sent directly home, but perhaps needing some visiting nurse support. As you can imagine, the best plan for your post-discharge will be specific and developed directly with you and/or your caregiver. These conversations will take place during your stay and will be finalized on the day of your discharge while ensuring you have all the necessary information and details so that you may continue your recovery outside of the hospital.