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Kent Hospital

How to Apply - Emergency Medicine Residency

The Kent Hospital Residency Programs participate in ERAS and interns are selected from medical student graduates through the AOA Intern/Resident Registration Program. The match is administered by National Matching Services Inc. in February each year.

House staff appointments extend from July 1 through June 30.

Application Requirements and Deadline
You may submit your application materials to us any time after the ERAS post office opens on July 1. As we receive many applications, we urge you to apply as early as you are able in the season.

We require the following items to be included in your application materials:

  • COMLEX scores (Step 1 and 2, when available)
  • Dean’s Letter and Transcript
  • Personal statement
  • At least three letters of recommendation from faculty members you have worked with (one letter must be from an EM physician)

Interview Process
Interviews are by invitation only and we will do our best to schedule your interview at a time that is convenient for you. Generally, interview season runs from September to December. If you receive an invitation for an interview, you must contact our residency coordinator, Becky Gaumitz, at (401) 737-7000, ext. 35640 to schedule a date and time.

The interview process is not a test of the candidate's abilities nor is it conducted in that fashion. The purpose is to introduce the applicant to the hospital/residency and vice versa. The interview process takes approximately four hours and includes interviews with faculty and residents, a hospital tour, and an informational presentation about the residency program.

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