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The Kent Hospital Graduate Nurse Residency Program is a 4-6 month opportunity for a new graduate nurses that provides an opportunity to grow professionally while continuing to learn in an interactive and simulation-based classroom environment with hands-on clinical experience. The program incorporates each nurse’s unique clinical and professional development needs with continuous support and regular meetings with the Professional Practice Coordinator from the Education Department.

The Graduate Nurse Residency Program has these essential components:

Core Residency Curriculum

  • 5 days of structured classroom learning after the initial week of nursing orientation.
  • 8 Hours of dedicated structured classroom learning every month, which incorporates case studies, simulation training, and reviews of real-life clinical experiences. This enables new nurses to learn in a safe and nurturing environment.
  • Ongoing review of progress towards goals, which are individualized, unit-based, and specific to each care area.
  • Regular meetings with the Professional Practice Coordinator and the unit based Nurse Director evaluating overall progress.

Clinically Based Residency Days

  • Pairing with a dedicated unit-based nursing preceptor for 3-week rotations on the different inpatient units. This provides support and learning while experiencing the different patient care populations at Kent Hospital.
Throughout the Nurse Residency Program three consistent themes are endorsed:

Skills Acquisition

  • Encouragement and support while progressing through the stages of nursing from novice to expert with a focus on improving confidence, efficiency with attention to patient safety, and satisfaction.

Critical Thinking

  • Participate in simulation activities practicing rapid assessment and intervention techniques, evaluation of critical patients and interdisciplinary collaboration between members of the healthcare team.

Patient Safety and the Patient Experience

  • Focus on a Relationship Based Care model of patient care delivery to improve patient satisfaction and reduce adverse safety events.
  • Develop communication skills and conflict management techniques.
Upon completion of this Graduate Nurse Residency Program, you will be well prepared to be an integral part of the Float Pool team and will be eligible to bid on other open positions if so desired.

If interested in applying for a position in our upcoming graduate nurse program, please send an updated resume with letters of recommendation to Karen Wholey Professional Practice Coordinator -