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Bryn DeKosky
Bryn DeKosky, DO

Kansas City, Kansas

Bryn earned her medical degree at Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences, and her Masters in Business Administration emphasis in Healthcare Leadership at Rockhurst University. She attended the University of Kansas for her undergraduate degree in Biology. Her clinical and research interests include disease prevention in the emergency department setting. In her free time she enjoys watching KU basketball, spending time with her dog, and playing the violin.

When she was asked why she had chosen Kent she said, “the happy residents, friendly attendings, and individualized learning environment made Kent the perfect fit for both my personality and career goals”. She also said the best part about living in Rhode Island is “simple for a former Kansan—the water!”

Joe Pepe
Joe Pepe, DO

Manchester, NH

Joe earned his medical degree at Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine- Bradenton. He completed his undergraduate studies at Northeastern University where he graduated with a degree in Health Science. His clinical interests include EMS, airway management, and critical care.

In his free time he enjoys traveling, Italian food, and attending Red Sox games. When asked why he had chosen Kent, he said, "during my audition rotation, I felt welcomed by each of the residents." He also said that the best part about living in Rhode Island is "the great beaches, food, and outdoor activities with easy access to Boston."

Matthew MacAskill
Matthew MacAskill, DO

Londonderry, NH

Matt earned his medical degree at University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine. Prior to medical school, he obtained his bachelors in Biomedical Sciences at Quinnipiac University. In his free time Matt enjoys running, and spending time with his family on the lakes of New Hampshire.

Kent hospital was an easy choice for Matt. While on rotation at Kent, he said “From day one I felt like I was truly part of the team. The learning environment here is one of a kind. I was also impressed by the supportive relationships between each individual student, resident and attending.”

Jamie McKee
Jamie McKee, DO, MPH

Malone, NY

Jamie earned his medical degree from Nova Southeastern University concurrently with a Masters of Science in Disaster and Emergency Preparedness. He attended Hamilton College as an undergrad majoring in Philosophy. His clinical and research interests include disaster and wilderness medicine.

In his free time he enjoys skiing, mountaineering, and if he has to be indoors, cooking. He is an avid sports fan. When I asked why he chose Kent he said “This place really had everything I was looking for, and more. As a student I intended to use Kent as a ‘warm up’ rotation for programs that were higher on my list. After completing five audition rotations, nothing came close to offering what Kent did.

First, the residents and attendings were incredibly supportive while simultaneously pushing me to be a better physician. I was incredibly impressed with the reputation of the emergency medicine residents throughout the hospital and the cohesiveness of the staff in the ED. On my first shift, during an incredibly difficult intubation, the resident was being cheered by the respiratory therapist and tech, while the attending was simultaneously opening the cricothyroid kit. This said it all to me; the resident was allowed to push her skills to the max, being supported by the attending physician, not having the procedure taken from her or being inundated with negativity. I knew that by coming to Kent I wouldn’t just be a resident physician, but I would be part of a family.

The attendings here trained all over, bringing with them a wealth of experience, they want to be here and they really want to teach. I loved the one on one interaction and immediate access, I wasn’t competing with others, I was the only learner. By the end of my first week I had been offered every residents phone number and many attendings, including the program directors. Regardless of whether or not I was going to choose Kent, they wanted me to succeed.

I feel like I won the lottery. I’m getting a fantastic education while surrounded by coworkers and teachers I am proud to call my friends and colleagues. I never thought I would end up in Rhode Island but this place is really great! I was so surprised by the vibrancy and energy of Providence and the easy access to Boston and New Hampshire. Don’t get me started on the seafood, so delicious!

James Chapman
James Chapman, DO

Orem, UT

James earned his medical degree from Midwestern University – Arizona College of Osteopathic Medicine and attended Brigham Young University for undergrad majoring in Biology and Exercise Science with a minor in Korean. In his free time he enjoys being with family, traveling, hiking, camping, being outdoors, and playing sports (especially soccer and basketball).

When asked why he had chosen Kent he said, “I love the family atmosphere among the residents and staff. They see a variety of patients with a high volume and have quality didactics. Working one-on-one with the attendings is very important. Seeing that the residents are happy made me know that Kent was the right place for me.” He also said the best thing about living in Rhode Island is the variety of outdoor activities, especially the ocean.

Reece Wilson, DO

Winston-Salem, NC

Reece earned his medical degree at the Via College of Osteopathic Medicine and attended North Carolina State University for undergrad, majoring in biology. In his spare time he enjoys fly fishing, golf, snow skiing, and woodworking. He and his wife Lauren also like finding new puppy-friendly places to take their miniature Australian shepherd Foscoe.

When he was asked why he had chosen Kent he said "I rotated at Kent as a medical student early in my fourth year. I was extremely impressed with the organization of the program and the ability of the residents. The faculty is very supportive of both students and residents and it is a rewarding environment to learn in.

Throughout my rotations at other programs I realized the advantages of training in a community hospital setting such as Kent. The ability to perform all necessary procedures and diagnostics without competing residencies makes for great training. Having never lived anywhere other than the south, I was looking to explore a new area of the country." He also said the best part of living in Rhode Island is "the opportunity to explore so many different areas, try all of the great restaurants, and have the ocean so close by."