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Kent Hospital
Kent Hospital

Practice Guidelines

The hospital’s top priority is the provision of quality medical care with the best possible outcome delivered in a safe, confidential and patient-responsive environment. The hospital participates in a number of quality outcome studies including those mandated by JCAHO and Medicare.

Staff Membership and Privileges

Membership on the Kent Hospital medical staff is open to qualified applicants. Three categories are available: provisional, consulting and supplemental. A physician who is first admitted to provisional staff is later advanced to active staff. The consulting or supplemental staff is open to clinical professionals who, for various reasons, do not wish to pursue full, active membership status. The medical staff does not have a courtesy staff category.

Admission to the staff is based on four key criteria:

  • Licensure.
  • Education and training.
  • Experience.
  • Current clinical competence.

Interested parties should first contact the Medical Staff Office for a pre-application. The pre-application is intended to screen for qualified providers who are prepared to offer significant service at Kent Hospital. An application is then forwarded to the interested provider dependent upon the favorable review of the pre-application by the vice president for medical affairs. A fast-track credentialing process is utilized for “clean” applications, e.g., providers who have recently completed their training without any concerns generated on review of the completed application.

As stipulated in the Medical Staff By-laws, the Medical Staff Credentialing Committee reviews all applications. Recommendations are then submitted to the Hospital Board of Trustees for final approval.

For more information, contact the Medical Staff Office at (401) 737-7010, ext. 31303.

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