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Kent Early Detection Program Early Detection Program: Lung Cancer
Kent Hospital’s Early Detection Program for lung cancer is committed to offering a comprehensive, state-of-the art approach to the early diagnosis of lung cancer, and increasing our community’s awareness of the dangers of continued tobacco product use. Kent Hospital is a tobacco-free campus.
New Study May Help Fight Lung Cancer
A major study indicates giving smokers special CT scans can detect lung cancer early enough to modestly lower their risk of death - the first clear evidence that a screening test may help fight the nation's top cancer killer. Learn more about this study.

Your Efforts Count
With permanent cessation of smoking, the risk of lung cancer does go down, as does the risk of heart disease, stroke, mouth and bladder tumors.

Lung cancer can often be cured when found as a single nodule, but if left alone, cancer nodules can spread throughout the body leading to serious disability and loss of life.  You can see the relationship between age, smoking, and the risk of lung cancer over the next 10 years by clicking here.

Explore the relationship between smoking and lung cancer
The estimated 10 year risk of lung cancer for someone depends on their age, how long they smoke, how many cigarettes per day, their sex, and if they quit now or continue smoking. Below is a chart showing the risks for different combinations of these risk factors:

Lung Cancer - Early Detection 

  Early Detection Assessment Tool
Use this tool to assess your risk of developing lung cancer. Knowing the risks can help you and your primary care physician make decisions about your health care, such as whether to get screened for lung cancer.

Lung Cancer Early Detection Assessment Tool
Early Detection Video

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