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Kent Hospital
Kent Hospital

Emergency Medicine

Organization Kent Hospital
Location Kent Hospital Emergency Department
455 Toll Gate Road
Warwick, RI 02886
Hours 24 hours, 7 days/week
Contact Information (401) 736-4288 (direct line)
(401) 737-7010, ext. 37888 (administrative offices)

Staffed by board-certified emergency physicians and experienced emergency nurses, Kent Hospital’s Emergency Department (ED) is the second-largest in the state of Rhode Island. Caring for nearly 70,000 patients annually, the Kent ED ranks among the top 10 percent nationally. The patient rapid assessment model has dramatically reduced waiting time to see an emergency medicine provider and overall length of stay, resulting in patient satisfaction scores that rank the Kent ED as one of the best performing in the nation in the area of patient satisfaction and experience of care.

Kent Hospital’s ED offers 24-hour comprehensive, compassionate, and often critical care for patients with all types of medical and surgical problems in a state of the art facility backed by the latest clinical information and diagnostic systems. Kent was the first hospital in the state to eliminate the practice of ambulance diversion. Kent Hospital is a Center of Excellence for stroke care, and is expanding its ability to treat patients with acute heart attack.

The Kent Emergency Department offers:

  • Increased space and capacity to respond to community growth and demand.
  • Enlarged patient care spaces with 47 hard-walled treatment bays.
  • Dedicated isolation and behavioral health care rooms.
  • Focus on patient confidentiality, comfort, and privacy.
  • Televisions in most ED treatment bays.
  • Improved space for families to visit with patients.
  • Comfortable waiting area for families.
  • Easy parking for patients and families.
  • Improved patient flow processes and reduced wait times.
  • Fully electronic medical record to enhance medical care and patient safety.
  • Digital radiology to improve diagnostic efficiency.

Patient Rapid Assessment

The patient rapid assessment model has dramatically reduced waiting time and in many instances has eliminated the wait entirely to see an emergency physician. In the past, the average wait time to be seen by a physician was in excess of two hours, while the entire patient visit averaged six hours. Today, with this new model of care the average wait time is less than 20 minutes and most patients wait less than 15 minutes. All patients are seen on arrival by a technician and then a registered nurse, and many patients also see the physician immediately after they are assisted into a treatment bay. We know that your time is valuable, and work very hard to give fast, quality care. 

Although the visit for any emergency care can be stressful and difficult for you and your loved ones, we strive to make the experience as pleasant and easy as possible. This has been accomplished by establishing a more streamlined patient journey. When a patient arrives at the Kent Hospital ED they are greeted by a friendly patient advocate and escorted into an intake booth. From here, a host of activities take place quickly, including but not limited to:

  • Registration.
  • Bed assignment.
  • Nurse and emergency provider evaluation.
  • Medication as necessary to improve your comfort.
  • Lab tests.
  • Diagnostic Imaging (X-rays, CT scan, etc.).
  • Consultations with medical experts in all available fields of medicine and surgery.

Upon completion of the evaluation and testing, a final determination is made regarding a safe and medically appropriate patient disposition: discharge, transfer to another facility, or admission to the hospital for further care. If the patient is discharged, they are given comprehensive instructions, follow-up care arrangements, and any necessary prescriptions or supplies. At that point, they are fully registered and are assisted as necessary to the ED entrance. The rapid assessment model is currently in place 24 hours daily, and facilitated during high volume hours by a dedicated area open from 8 a.m. to 1 a.m. every day.

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