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67 Physicians at Care New England Named to Best Doctors in America List
Sixty seven physicians at the Care New England hospitals – Butler Hospital, Kent Hospital, and Women & Infant Hospital – have been listed in the 2011-2012 Best Doctors in America (www.bestdoctors.com), placing them among the top five percent of doctors in the country.

Twelve physicians from Butler, nine from Kent and 52 from Women & Infants (some have privileges at more than one CNE hospital) were selected among the Best Doctors in America, including:

Butler Hospital – Linda L. Carpenter (psychiatry), Jane L. Eisen (psychiatry), John Femino (addiction medicine), Joseph H. Friedman (neurology), Benjamin D. Greenberg (psychiatry), Victor D. Lerish (pediatrics), Paul B. Lieberman (psychiatry), Lawrence H. Price (psychiatry), Michael A. Silver (psychiatry), James K. Sullivan (psychiatry), Audrey R. Tyrka (psychiatry), and Janet Lee Wilterdink (neurology).

Kent Hospital – Reginald Y. Gohh (nephrology), Vaughn G. Gooding Jr. (orthopedic surgery), Cornelius O. Granai III (obstetrics and gynecology), Nicholas G. Guerina (pediatric specialist), Karim Khanbhai (pediatrics), James Padbury (pediatric specialist), Lawrence H. Price (psychiatry), Caroline S. Wilkel (dermatology), and James W. Ziegler (pediatric specialist).

Women & Infants Hospital – Brenna Anderson (obstetrics and gynecology), John E. Buster (obstetrics and gynecology), Joanna M. Cain (obstetrics and gynecology), Stephen Carr (obstetrics and gynecology), Sandra A. Carson (obstetrics and gynecology), Donald R. Coustan (obstetrics and gynecology), John J. Cronan (radiology), Michele G. Cyr (internal medicine), Penelope H. Dennehy (pediatric specialist), Jane M. Dennison (pediatrics), Paul A. DiSilvestro (obstetrics and gynecology), Lloyd R. Feit (pediatric specialist), Staci A. Fischer (infectious disease), Cornelius O. Granai III (obstetrics and gynecology), Richard G. Greco (pediatrics), Robert T. Griffith Jr. (pediatrics), Nicholas G. Guarino (pediatric specialist), Pamela High (pediatric specialist), Charles B. Kahn (endocrinology and metabolism), Karim Khanbhai (pediatrics), Peter D. Kramer (psychiatry), Arlet Kurkchubasche (pediatric specialist), Abbot Laptook (pediatric specialist), W. Dwayne Lawrence (pathology), Michelle J. Lefebvre (pediatrics), Victor D. Lerish (pediatrics), Francois I. Luks (pediatric specialist), Martha B. Maineiro (radiology), David E. Mandelbaum (pediatric specialist), Leonard Alan Mermel (infectious disease), Richard Millman (pulmonary medicine), Richard G. Moore (obstetrics and gynecology), John Harold Moran (pediatrics), James A. O’Brien (obstetrics and gynecology), Richard K. Ohnmacht (pediatrics), James Padbury (pediatric specialist), John R. Parziale (physical medicine and rehabilitation), Ronni M. Peltz (pediatrics), Jared C. Robins (obstetrics and gynecology), Dwight Rouse (obstetrics and gynecology), Thomas K. Shahinian (surgery), Boris Skurkovich (pediatric specialist), Linda K. Snelling (pediatric specialist), Barbara S. Stonestreet (pediatric specialist), Thomas Tracy (pediatric specialist), Glenn Tung (radiology), William J. Turtle (pediatrics), Katharine D. Wenstrom (obstetrics and gynecology), Janet Lee Wilterdink (neurology), Yvette E. Yatchmink (pediatric specialist), James W. Ziegler (pediatric specialist).

The list of physicians in the Best Doctors in America is compiled through a large, peer-review based evaluation of the medical profession. Best Doctors objective is to identify the best trained, most experienced and most skilled specialists, regardless of where they practice.

In the U.S., Best Doctors commissions an exhaustive, annual peer-review survey of the medical profession. They contact more than 45,000 doctors who were identified in previous surveys as “the best” in their specialties and ask them, “If you or a loved one needed a doctor in your specialty, to whom would you refer them?”

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